Pott’s Disease: My faith’s foundation

Pott’s Disease: My faith’s foundation

I was 12 years old, young and hungry for adventures, when I was diagnosed with Pott's Disease. I could vividly recall how my health started to deteriorate, from an energetic life to something I never thought would happen to me. I lost my appetite, suddenly my...

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Hi I'm Sky and it rhymes! I am a happy wife to a crazy husband. A breastfeeding, sometimes OA and devoted Mother of JK and JS. I used to be a full time corporate slave and now a full time Work-at-Home Momma who enjoys doing art and craft. I have this little dream to be an inspiration to the world through God's will which is why I pursued this mini online space. I am a hungry learner and always strive to challenge myself and do more. I am definitely a work-in-progress striving to master the beauty of being a Mama, being a wife and a better person. Welcome to my space 💙

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