About Me

Hello! You’ve reached my personal haven <3

My maiden name is Sky Mendoza. Since I got married on March 5 of 2016, I am now using my husband’s surname, Sky Gatdula. I was born on the last day of July, year 1988 which makes me a Leo and a Dragon. If you’re asking if Sky is my real name, yes it is, actually my second name and was an excerpt from my Dad’s Basketball Team name. I am an only child, which makes me my parents’ favorite. A degree holder of BS Marketing and Corporate Communications in San Beda College (now San Beda University), Mendiola. Currently, I am working home-based for AwayTeam Australia, Nerdbugs USA, MindTheCeiling USA, Edvard Vondra, Mollie Ollie, and Saahtain.

I have a very noisy, crazy, kulit, hot-tempered, and most of all loving husband, Janjan. I am blessed with two charming and cute boys, John Karlo and John Skylark. Overblessed with boys!

I’ve been blogging since high school, but after sometime, I would lose interest in it, because I often lack a topic on what to blog. However after I’ve made a 360-degree turn-life decision, I started to regain my interest in blogging because I have been experiencing so much happiness, craziness, and everything in between about life. My dream of having a family of my own has finally come true and the little dream to influence, inspire and change the world. My online sanctuary is most likely a topic about Marriage, Motherhood – particularly breastfeeding, Parenting and Co-Parenting, Art and Poetry, Music, Random Product Reviews, Travels, Food trips and of course anything under the sun about my daily dose 🙂

Random Facts

I am a Breastfeeding Advocate. Exclusively breastfeeding my child since Day 1.
My first name is Karla, and I don’t use that name.
I was born comprised with Humor, thank you.
I am/was the Keyboardist of this band called Blissful Hyacinth.
Started playing piano when I was 7, but really wanted to play the drums during those times. Tried Ballet but I quit.
Three years of my life was all about Accountancy; a year and a half is for my passion, Marketing.
I’m fund of writing poems most specially when overfilled with emotions. And Yes, I love doodling.
I play with Adobe Photoshop.
I am a Production Gig Organizer since 2008, which makes me a member of Scratch Pepper Productions.
Very Transparent and Vulnerable.
One of the Boys. Though I have my closest girlfriends, I enjoy it most when I’m being surrounded by my guy friends.
Pott’s Disease is the foundation of my strong faith to GOD. I’m a believer.
I give names to everything even my netbook, shoes, car, ipad, iphone, cameras etc.
I am very talkative.
Nescafe Dolce Gusto is my big break 🙂
I am a devotee of St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina.
I love being ME.