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Like I always say, it is never easy. But it is manageable – given the support of all the people around you. Our wedding day happened March 5, 2016 and we decided to push through with the wedding January 31st of 2016. (A month before my Mom arrived from her scheduled visit here in the Philippines.) It was really a roller coaster experience chasing over days of February. (Back story: It was actually our plan to have the wedding December 2016, however Mom can’t cancel her flight anymore so with all the resources we have, we battled it!)


First things first, the theme. I chose the “Surf/Beach” inspired theme wedding because me and my husband had the getting to know stage in Baler. So the wedding must be something related to it. Initially we decided to choose a Church near our houses. However, all the chosen ones are, well, fully booked; St. John Paul Parish Eastwood, Christ the King Greenmeadows, St. Gabriel Marikina etc.

We then decided to go somewhere near Taytay, we tried our luck there. Our main goal is to book Church in the Sky, but then again, if it’s not meant to be, it will never happen. Along with the search for the church, we also tried hunting some good reception venues in the area. Me and my sister-in-law came across Estelita’s Glass Dome and Sweet Harmony Gardens; both are really good venues for Weddings. BUT, me and my husband is looking for something else, something that would fit our “Surf/Beach Inspired Wedding”. One of the caterer that we are in contact with suggested to us this certain place in Binangonan Rizal, Estuar Farm. The moment that we saw the place, we immediately fell in love with it and left our hearts there.

Estuar Farm Binangonan Rizal’s Sunset

It took us 1 week before we have decided to finally choose Estuar. God brought us here and he granted our hearts’ desire. Estuar is situated on a mountain. Just beneath the place where Estuar is, a simple, not too big and a round-shaped Church is situated there. Just got lucky! The kind of church I picture in my mind. (Hindi gustong gusto pero pwedeng pwede para sa simpleng selebrasyon). Sacred Heart Parish Binangonan Rizal, is the one. February 5, 2016, exactly a month before our desired wedding date, we submitted everything to the church. Just enough for the 3 sundays wedding announcement every Sunday of Sacred Heart, San Roque Parish (my Parochial Church) and St. Paul of the Cross (John’s Parochial Church).

Related image


Lucky enough that my mother in law recommended a good caterer/stylist; Angel’s Catering Services, the one who led us to Estuar. So yes, we chose them because they are already quite familiar with the place. Not to mention that all the request for the style can be easily communicated.

Now that we have the Church, Reception Venue and Caterer in 1 week time. I got so blessed as well with the tailor (mananahi) for the gowns. She is our family friend who specializes in gowns and can accommodate the gowns of my girls’ entourage. I have 5 bridesmaids, 3 secondary girls sponsors, 3 flower grils and our Mother’s gown. Imagine that, but she was able to finish it atleast a week before the wedding. My maid of honor was given the free will to choose whatever she wants 🙂 On the other hand, my husband was able to get a good service from the seamstress he got from Marikina for him, the Dads and the best men. For our Primary Sponsors, we just instructed them to wear a particular color/style.

On Weekends we attend seminars, we travel from Marikina to Binangonan. It was really really hard because we have to be in Binangonan as early as 6am. After every seminars, we are also fixing along with that the additional details; give-aways, wedding essentials, additional styling, cake, photobooths, invitations, bride and groom’s other essentials and so on.

I have my creative team (Kaye,Jem and Bong) who helped me to DIY additional decors I want. Talagang puyat all the way kami para matapos yung mga additional designs. My make up artist, Nice Valleverde, is a gift from a good friend, Jem. I never regret having her as my make up artist, akong ako padin yung makeup ko. That’s the skill I want from a make-up artist, the one that will never change what I look, but will showcase what my face HAVE. Pinalabas niya yung ganda ko hahaha. Meanwhile, our invitation’s layout artist is also a good friend of ours, Dave. He managed to do what we want with a very cheap price, thank you DAVE!!!

My Bridal Look, thanks to Nice Valleverde 🙂

Among the most critical part of choosing a supplier is the production that will cover your wedding; the photos, the videos and most specially the SDE. We we’re lucky enough to have found CA Productions in Rizal, one thing is for sure, we never regret that we availed their service. I found them online and compared works with other production with their price range, we booked them after a week of deciding.

I am really very lucky with my sister-in-law who managed to bring everything in to life that I have imagined, she was really hands-on. She was the one who handpicked the bouquet and everything in terms of the flowers. Hindi ako fan ng flowers, so siya na hinayaan ko to choose. And to top it all, our wedding car was a gift also by a good friend, Gerald. It’s as if, he revamped that car for our wedding. And since we are on a very limited budget, our guest giveaway are the photos from the Photobooth but for the Primary sponsors, we gave them VOM FASS.

It is also helpful to attend Wedding expos. We attended an expo and luckily found a good supplier of Cake and our Wedding Ring. The cake was nice and the taste is really good! (We always have her cake, from our Wedding to JK’s 2nd birthday. It’s a partnership already!). The pair of wedding ring cost Php80,000 but we bought them with a discount! So yes, wedding expos are great tool to help you cost down your expenses.

I think I’ve tackled all the essentials for a wedding. Everything was prepared, in ONE MONTH.


Our initial budget is Php200,000. BUT, we went beyond that after computing everything. I guess all in all expenses amounted around Php300,000 – Php350,000.

To give an overview of the total cost:

Estuar Farm Php 70,000

Sacred Heart Parish Php 5,000 (not included other fees)

Angels’ Catering Php 80,000+

Wedding Gown Php10,000

Groom’s Wear + Best Man – Php 15,000

CA Productions Php 65,000

Vom Fass Php 12,000

Cake Php 4,000

and so on…….

Now, I’m ending this post with our wedding SDE to give you an impression of how this one-month wedding preparation went. Pwede na ba? Hihi.

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