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When I was still working officebased, after my maternity leave I’ve always had a hard time leaving my child for work. He was just 2 months, he is breastfed and nipple confused with bottle. It took him about 2-3 months before he finally accepted he should drink in a bottle. Not only that, he can be fed by only one person through a bottle, my Dad. Almost everyday at work I am worried about my child refusing to feed in a bottle, he would rather eat his hands than a plastic nipple. That’s the scenario for almost 5 to 6 months.

Come to the day when he learned to cry and chase for me whenever I leave the house for work. To add more MOMGUILT for me is his everyday afternoon cry looking for Mama and wanting for Mama’s Milk. Now… that is  a MORE challenging Mama dillema for me. How could you possibly focus at work thinking how your child is. AND this became my turning point aside from the worsening traffic in the metro.

My Little One’s first time to finally feed in the bottle.

And then I heard about the community of Work at Home Mommies. I got so interested, searched about its process and talked to different people about it. You will have to do a lot of research; in Facebook, Google and do a lot of interviews to people to get familiarized.

Here’s a list of Facebook Pages, Groups and Sites that helped me:

I had series of applications too in different online job sites, tried and failed a number of times, but the show must go on. Below are some sites that I tried applying to:

It is always good to be resourceful when you try to enter the industry. Read a lot, investigate and watch videos that would aid in your journey. Above all the list, it is AwayTeam where I luckily landed a spot. Thanks to that friend who introduced me to AwayTeam and supported me on my journey. A look back on hitting that goal:

5 months ago, I was introduced to the founder of Whole Kids, Monica Meldrum, as my Boss. A very intelligent, smart, caring, kind and most of all the one who believes in your capability kind of leader. That was 5 months ago already. And just 2 days ago, I received a package of products and a gift for my Birthday from my Whole Kids Family. That’s how lucky and blessed I am that I pursued this online working world. Not to mention that my AwayTeam family have advised me also that I am officially a regular online worker! Horay to these blessings from God!

True enough, when perseverance prevail, all the hurdles and struggles that you will encounter would seem to be just a little bump on the road. Currently I am also managing another project which takes atleast 3-5 hours of my time every week. Not bad for a first timer, I guess. Now there is a budding website this 2018, I think it’s an Australian based company catering Filipino workers which might be a massive help for Working Moms and all aspiring individual too. It’s HOMEJOBS.

I am encouraging all Working Mamas to enjoy the luxury of working at home while being hands-on to your kids. It is yet the most rewarding, happy, enjoyable and most of all nakakaloka experience in my entire existence of having a child. IT IS NEVER EASY, but MOMS, we can definitely carry on!

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Hi I'm Sky and it rhymes! I am a happy wife to a crazy husband. A breastfeeding, sometimes OA and devoted Mother of JK and JS. I used to be a full time corporate slave and now a full time Work-at-Home Momma who enjoys doing art and craft. I have this little dream to be an inspiration to the world through God's will which is why I pursued this mini online space. I am a hungry learner and always strive to challenge myself and do more. I am definitely a work-in-progress striving to master the beauty of being a Mama, being a wife and a better person. Welcome to my space 💙

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