JK’S PROGRESS IN SCHOOL: A review of Cambridge Child Development Center

Jul 16, 2018 | MOMHOOD & PARENTING

Summer of 2018, I tried finding a place to introduce JK to the idea of “school”. We wanted him to make school an idea of a happy place and have that feeling of always wanting to learn. As of today, I guess we are almost hitting that goal because he wanted to go to school even on Saturdays.

I availed trial classes in three different schools; Gymboree in Eastwood(Viewing fee of Php600), ACTS in Eastwood, Galileo in Eastwood and Cambridge in Circulo Verde.

Gymboree is O-kay, although I can see that the teacher doesn’t get JK’s attention that much. ACTS is fine, but I find it a little pricey for a “newly” built school. Galileo refused to accept JK since his classmates are older than he is and the teachers are worried that he might get hurt. We had a 3 day trial in Cambridge and I liked their curriculum, the school set up as well as the school’s program and philosophy. Not to mention that it is an International School with very good reviews from other Moms. We decided to have his summer class at Cambridge Circulo Verde.

As mentioned by one of my preschool teacher friend, you would see a difference from a child who went early to school and to those who not. I cannot comment on that but I am certain and have good words of how JK behaves outside the world.

These are the things we have considered:

The School’s Philosophy, Vision and Mission


We believe that each child is a unique individual who has the potential to be the best that he can be.


To make a difference in the lives of children by advocating quality early childhood education for every single child in the world.


By continuously advocating the best interest of all children, we strive to equip every caregiver with the necessary knowledge and skills to bring out the unique qualities in every child.

Cambridge’s Methodology

Individualized Instruction

During this period, the students are given developmentally appropriate materials to work on that caters to the different areas of development such as Math, Language, Sensorial and Fine Motor. Cambridge Preschool has an open enrollment procedure which means students can enroll at any time of the year, this part of the routine will help our dear learners to adjust to what they have missed.

Circle Time

Circle time develops the Social and Language skills of the students through morning greetings, singing and dancing of nursery rhymes and songs.

PBEM TIME/ Project Time

Students are given a specific theme/ topic every term. The students create a project based on their discussions, research, experiments and fieldwork during this period.

Play Time

Students are given the time to play to help develop their Gross Motor and Socialization skills


During snack time, the students are encouraged to be independent as they set up their tables, serve food and drinks, eat on their own, and pack away after.

Grooming Time

During Grooming Time, the students are taught self help skills such as brushing their teeth, dressing and undressing, packing away, and folding clothes.

Story Time and Dismissal

During this period, the students are encouraged to read stories independently and as a group. This can help improve the students’ Reading and Speaking skills.

You may also want to checkout some details here: http://cambridge.com.ph/methodology/

JK’s Progress

When we brought JK in Cambridge he have learned a lot from the outside world; he can identify some colors like Blue and Yellow. He is familiar with books, some letters and some numbers. And more so, when he started to be exposed with the teachers and kids in Cambridge he had progressed from “Hingi” to “More please”. You know what I mean. He doesn’t just learn cognitive skills, but he have been progressing to learn the correct values – which are important to us as parents.

One of our main problem with this child is his tendency of shouting when he gets mad or when things don’t go his way. As of today, his shouting have lessened already because I always remind him that shouting is not allowed in school or we would mention to him that his teacher would not like it if he shouts (but yes we are also telling him that it’s NOT nice/good when he shouts). I don’t know if we are doing the right thing to use his “school” as a way to stop him to shout but it is working.

JK have been learning good habits and routines in Cambridge. The video below is one of my favorite, that was during his summer class, in a span of one month, he was able to get used to this routine. He was 1 year old and 7 months that time but people are amazed on how he can follow to instructions. This is among the things that was inculcated to him in terms of ROUTINES.

The photos below are some individualized instructions activities where in each kid is assign for their own individual task. This is where the cognitive skills of a child comes in or their ability to identify colors, shapes and pictures. Here they are exposed to puzzles and activities that would allow your child to explore their skills.

I’ve also wanted JK to be independent when it comes to eating solid foods alone. He have been showing signs of wanting to do it alone even before he entered Cambridge and I am happy to see how my child is being trained  to prepare his own food, eat alone and pack away after.

In Progressive schools unlike traditional school which have grading system, parents are given progressive report to know where your kids are at, to know what their interests, to know what are the areas they excel as well as the areas of improvements. These are very helpful for me to know where I should be focusing my child to. Below is an example of their summer end progressive report. Each aspect of a child’s development is being tackled and focused on.

Now, for the tuition fee, this year this is their current rate:


As mentioned, JK wants to go to school even on Saturdays, I guess this is an indication that he is enjoying “school”. He had adjusted gradually from  a little crying to no crying at all until today. So I’m ending this entry with a video sharing with you below during this first day last June 6, 2018.

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