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Since last year of December, me and my husband have been contemplating if I would be resigning as a Merchandising Supervisor in Toby’s Sports. Traffic has been really bad lately, not to mention the everyday struggle of going to the office while your son is crying because he simply wants you.

Jan of 2018 came, I started exploring the Virtual online work world. Submitted so many proposals online, clicked on so many “apply” button and sent so many cover letters and resumes. Until one day, a friend messaged me regarding their company/page; that’s when I realized she is a #WAHM. So I immediately asked her about it and advised my interest to it. It took me atleast 2-3 weeks to process this and deal with them.

And… true enough, always ask God to guide you and give you the things that your really need. Plus give yourself to him, he’ll be the one to work behind every scenes in your life. I had my interview with them cancelled and rescheduled thrice, however my perseverance to get the job helped me to be flexible enough to deal with the changes. So 2 days after my interview, after a series of follow ups and emails, I received a very good news from them:

Right after learning about the news, I was extremely happy, because why not? This is my major goal for 2018; earn heaps while looking after my son. Lucky enough that I have my dad with me, he’ll take care of my kid while working at home from 7am to 4pm, what’s important is that I’m with my child the whole day and he can breastfeed. What made me ecstatic after the news is the Owner’s comment to me, “Sky she was so impressed with your skills! You immediately made a research on her products”. I was so flattered and happy all at the same time, how could God be so generous to me? I just prayed to him to guide me on my interview because I can’t do it on my own. To top it all, the client is willing to wait until 30 days after I rendered service to Toby’s Sports. God is indeed amazing, he’s really bringing you to the right places, last two days the owner messaged me regarding the client’s plans for me, sobrang galing lang talaga ng Diyos.

And there… cheers to being a #WAHM for life! 💙

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Hi I'm Sky and it rhymes! I am a happy wife to a crazy husband. A breastfeeding, sometimes OA and devoted Mother of JK and JS. I used to be a full time corporate slave and now a full time Work-at-Home Momma who enjoys doing art and craft. I have this little dream to be an inspiration to the world through God's will which is why I pursued this mini online space. I am a hungry learner and always strive to challenge myself and do more. I am definitely a work-in-progress striving to master the beauty of being a Mama, being a wife and a better person. Welcome to my space 💙

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