Past a month of 2018, #GOALDRIVEN2018

Feb 8, 2018 | DAILY DOSE

Happy New Me and the rest of the cyberworld. Am I too late for welcoming 2018? I’ve been very busy focusing on my goals and almost leaving behind this little sanctuary.

Looking back, I had a great Christmas and New Year celebration with my family.

I am making this year a #GOALDRIVEN2018. Striving to be #betterthanyesterday.

I’ve written down my personal goals in my planner, I’m keeping a track of that as well here:

  • Find a Homebased Online and Longterm Job or a Job near the our new home.
  • Minimalist Interior Design
  • Pursue further Studies after Polca if time and money permits
  • JK’s 2nd Birthday either at Jollibee or wherever he wants
  • 2nd Wedding Anniversary: Houseblessing.
  • 30th Birthday, Travel?
  • Grow Rental Businessn (Up and Down apartment near the Laundryshop)

I have Striked through my first goal, because….. GOD gave it already as early as now. After several tries of finding a preschool that accepts teachers who has not taken CPE yet, after receiving a JO below my desired value… FINALLY! God has given me that one thing I needed to be able to have more time with my child and at the same time earn heaps of money. God is simply amazing, beyond amazing. He knows exactly what I really need. Below is the “representation” of what lies for me. (A separate entry will be posted soon regarding this blessing.) 


For now, I gotta hit the sack because it’s past 12midnight. Adios!

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Hi I'm Sky and it rhymes! I am a happy wife to a crazy husband. A breastfeeding, sometimes OA and devoted Mother of JK and JS. I used to be a full time corporate slave and now a full time Work-at-Home Momma who enjoys doing art and craft. I have this little dream to be an inspiration to the world through God's will which is why I pursued this mini online space. I am a hungry learner and always strive to challenge myself and do more. I am definitely a work-in-progress striving to master the beauty of being a Mama, being a wife and a better person. Welcome to my space 💙

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