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Dec 11, 2017 | DAILY DOSE

After having my own child last year, I recently had this extreme interest and burning passion on teaching little kids and would love to apply and be a part of your Team. I really enjoy playing and being around with kids. Having my own child has made me very patient and understanding specially his needs. It is my goal to share my experiences with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will make a positive contribution to your school. I am much willing to share everything I can and be able to shape the future of these little young individuals. – SMG

Children learning writing together in preschool with nursery tea

So this was just a part of my cover letter I sent to target preschools I’ve been wanting to work with. I was thinking of this before during my first few years in the corporate world, however it is just now that I had JK that I really wanted to pursue it. Of all the preschools, it was MGP who noticed me, not really bad. I mean this one’s running for almost 45 years already in the Philippines and 20 years in Marikina campus. All hope to the one above, will wait for this one! 💙 Let’s not ponder on this too much, ayokong maatat, let GOD work behind the scenes.

Anyway, this is really a different thing for me, way too far from the career I have now. You know that burning feeling of wanting to do something and be an inspiration to the young ones? That’s it. That’s what I’ve been wanting to do now. I know for a fact that this could also help me in gearing up for JK as he grows older, mas may alam ako sa bata, mas better. She asked me that dreaded question of “why you”? I confidently mentioned patience, a mother’s love and nurture plus the fact that I am so positive and very eager to learn more things. Further, from my meeting with Mrs. Arellano, I was so glad that she has mentioned that “Mothers would be the best teacher”. Nakakakilig.

I am not sure if the passion for teaching has something to do with being genetically attached to it, you see my Mom andsome of her siblings are Professors. Basta, all I know is, for now, I wanted to impart something to this little young learners. I wanted to be a role model. 💙

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