On Being a Mother (of two charming boys), my most favorite role.

Nov 16, 2017 | MOMHOOD & PARENTING

From my last post, I’ve shared and have noted my learning experiences on being a wife, this time, one of my most favorite role God has entitled me, a MOTHER 💙

I knew from the start that God wanted me to be one after I’ve met my first child, John Arkin. I met him when he was 2 years old, and I instantly fell in love with the little guy and fell in love with the role that God has wanted me to be. We instantly clicked and made that instant connection. He always choose me to be his playmate, hindi niya ko pinapakawalan at bawal makipag usap sa iba dahil dapat sakanya lang ang attention ko pag nagpplay kami. Now he is 5 and turning 6 next year, how time flies really fast! I’ve been learning a lot from him since then, from patiently answering random questions to being a role model to him. I’ve always been thankful on how he has loved me to be his “Mommy Sky”, and how he wanted me to be just around him. As I have been saying all the time, hindi kailangang maging magkadugo o manggaling sayo para tawagin kang ina, pagmamahal at pag aalaga ay sapat na, hindi ba? People would often joke: “Instant Mommy ka pala”. I would just answer them with a smile 😊 Napakasarap sa pakiramdam higit sa lahat na tawagin kang Nanay/Mommy/Mama 💙

After almost a year of playing with Arkin, God has blessed me with another blessing which I’ve prayed for, John Karlo, my little fat bubble JK. The moment I’ve learned of having him in my womb, I made everything right for him. We immediately visited an Obstetritian and gave all the necessary nutrients for the baby in my womb. I was extremely happy and excited at the same time 💙

Pregnancy Stage

  • Say goodbye to all the vices. I drink a lot before I got pregnant but immediately after knowing my pregnancy, I was so ready to wash them off away.
  • I make it a point to properly nourish my child with all the supplements given by my OB from 1st month to 9th month
  • There are days when I was battling toothache on my 2nd trimester to 3rd trimester but CANNOT DRINK any meds because it may harm the baby, so I have no choice but to just LIVE WITH THE PAIN 😨

Here is detailed version of how my pregancy was: Every Pregnancy is unique

Infant Stage

This is where reality hits you, you are now caring and raising a child of your own. You really don’t know exactly where to start, what to do and how? Everything seemed clueless. I’m quite blessed with a husband who have taken care of a child before, however… BREASTFEEDING is a different thing 😉

I know NOTHING about how to breastfeed, I thought it was as simple as I see them in videos. During my first few days, very minimal amount is coming out of my breast. It was a struggle!

Here’s how I manage to increase my supply until today that he is turning 14 months: PADEDE MOM EXPERIENCE

Aside from the breastfeeding struggle, being a parent means you’ll be struggling a lot with a baby who always stays awake in the middle of the night. You have to be awake every 2 hours because he urgently needs your care. There is this instinct that would tell you to wake up! Luckily JK is breastfed so I don’t need to stand up for his milk. On the other hand, dirty work is for the Dad, haha.

I also had this Separation Anxiety when I had to go back to work after 2months; I was able to build a stash of milk however I was always worried because JK’s a bit confused with my own nipple and a bottle’s nipple. He hates drinking breastmilk in the bottle, you’ll have to force him to drink. There are days when he drinks it smoothly, but there are also days when he would refuse to. That is why, whenever I arrive home from work, he would immediately cling to me and ask for my breast since that day that I started working again up to now that he is 14 months. Yes, Momma’s boy 😬

After turning 4 months, he was able to have his proper sleeping routine, he’d be sleeping at around 7-8pm and would wake up 5-6am. Yes, that’s straight, there are just some few cries if he would notice that the “boob” is not in his “mouth”. Yup, unli-dede at night!

On building my stash of milk while working

  • Have your scheduled pumping time. Mine was thrice a day before he turned one; it’s 11am, 2:30pm and 6pm. After he turned one, I only pump twice, 11am and 3pm.

Why scheduled? Because it signals your body that you would be needing to produce milk by this time. If only I have less “to-do-list”, I would be following the every 2 hours rule in pumping.

  • I never missed my schedule, even if i’m inside the boardroom/meeting room. I would often excuse myself.
  • Know your right as a breastfeeding mom.

Read and have knowledge of: RA 10028

I even encountered some “issues” in the office where they are accusing me of being “naglulugaw and pabanjingbanjing” sa clinic. I slapped them with RA 10028 being posted in my area. My appeal is that, I have no LAPSES with my work even when I’m pumping. Wala akong hindi nagagawa, lahat nasusubmit ko, pwede nila ako panoorin para manahimik sila. 15mins pumping per breast, so that would take 30mins of my time plus the cleaning. I even discussed that with my Manager, luckily my manager was as understanding as she is very open minded to this.

Preparing my child’s 1st birthday celebration

This is one of the most exciting part of being a mom, being an event organizer of your child’s birthday 💙

I started planning it 8 months before JK’s celebration. And so happy to have a successful one 😍

Planning: https://littlesuperhumom.wordpress.com/2017/07/02/the-search-for-the-essentials/

Pre Birthday Shoot: https://littlesuperhumom.wordpress.com/2017/10/14/jks-pre-birthday-photoshoot/

SDE: https://littlesuperhumom.wordpress.com/2017/10/20/sde-of-jks-first-adventure/

Toddler Stage (current stage)

I can say that his current stage is the “MOMMA” stage. Walang bukang bibig kundi “mama, mama”. Which I am cherishing. As long as he can see me, sakin lang siya sasama. Other people would be able to get him only if you have food or a ball. Lagi ako may buntot.

This is the stage where:

  • I am holding my pee the whole night because he doesn’t want me to stand so I end up, bringing him with me in the comfort room.
  • While I give JK a bath, he wants to feed.
  • While Me and my husband clean his poop, he wants to feed.
  • Everywhere I feed. Even in the most awkward places, but I don’t really care my child is hungry.

Habulan Days are on.

  • He’s a Walking Machine now, kung saan saan sumusuot.
  • Bumping anywhere… so all the fragile figurines and vases must be kept.

Food is life stage too!He wants everything you eat!!!! He’ll make sure that he would taste that thing on your mouth.

The ultimate mangagaya, he has been a mang gagaya eversince, but this time super mang gagaya, as in everything you do, gagawin niya, so better be a role model 😊


One thing is for sure, enjoy every stage of your Child’s life because you can never go back. All the love of a Mother and pag-aalaga must be given the moment he/she popped in your womb. Sobrang sarap ng feeling mag alaga ng anak, and the feeling of being loved by your children is extremely addictive  😍

And my prayer everyday to God is to help me raise this kids the way he wanted me to be. <3

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