On being a WIFE.

Nov 1, 2017 | MARRIAGE

In today’s generation being able to reach a year of being married is an achievement already. Because yes, marriage in today’s world has lost its sanctity the way it was before. Magpapakasal, gagastos ng malaki, tapos kung hindi mangangaliwa ang isa, pipiliin nila maghiwalay after ilang buwan. I am from a broken home, however despite this unfortunate event in my life, I still choose to commit myself to what they call sakal… este KASAL.

To date, we’ve been battling the world’s adversity of buhay may asawa for a year and almost 8 months – going 2 years. I’m continuously learning and have been taking note every piece of experience.


  • There would really be BAD days for you as husband and wife.
  • When you’re wrong, admit it and say sorry.
  • Communication is one great key, say it when you need to say what bothers you, but as much as possible do it in a very malumanay way (para iwas sigawan).
  • WALANG MANGYAYARI KUNG PAREHO KAYO MAGSISIGAWAN, let things past first, pag nagcool down talk among yourselves sa maayos na paraan.
  • Always try to understand one another. Hindi dapat one sided.
  • Accept each other’s different opinions. Dito kami nag kaka asaran tapos mauuwi sa away, Mr. Know it all kasi si husband, pag binigyan mo ng ibang opinion hindi siya papayag. Haha. So yun natutunan namin to always consider our differences.
  • When you have a problem with your husband/wife, tell him/her directly hindi sa ibang tao niyo pa ikkwento.
  • Hindi inaannounce sa social media ang pag aaway.
  • Other people should not be involved in your misunderstandings, kayong dalawa lang so better patch things sainyo.

I have a nagger husband, funny but yes it’s true. There was a time that I am becoming to be like him, but after a series of selfcheck, I told myself hindi pwedeng pareho kami, dapat talaga ako padin si Misis Cool lang tayo. So everytime he nags and fights with me, I answer back with a very malumanay voice so I would influence him. And it works for us, kumakalma naman siya. Or if not, I’d stay silent nalang for awhile, and then alam na niya yun.


  • Always choose a love filled with kindness. If feeling mo gusto mo na siya sapakin/patayin dahil sa sobrang bwisit, piliin mo padin yung pagmamahal mo sakanya.
  • Accept his past life. There was surely “life” before you, before you came to his/her life, and keep in mind to accept everything. Siyempre may mga ex yang napangasawa mo, accept it as it was, ikaw naman na ang napakasalan.
  • You don’t just choose to love him on his/her best self. You should love his/her flaws, everything.
  • Love the people he loves.
  • Patience is much needed. Hahaha like my husband is the Pilosopo type, so kakailanganin mo ng madaming pasensya sa mga Pilosopo answers niya 😡
  • Appreciate the simplest things he/she does. Sadly, meron kasing mga tao na hahanapan ng hahanapan ng pagkukulang yung mga partners nila to the point na lolokohin nila without seeing all the good things na ginagawa ng partner mo.
  • Do compliment your partner with their achievements, it is very important to boost their self worth.
  • Have a helping hand to your spouse. Specially in taking good care of the kids.
  • Laugh together.
  • Respect your partner, always.
  • Keep the habit of saying goodnight with a kiss before sleeping.


  • My everyday prayer to him is to help us to keep in our mind that we can’t do it on our own, that we need him in our relationship. As our wedding priest told us: Keep the love burning araw araw hanggang sa dulo ng inyong paglalakbay. We need his guidance to be able to achieve that.
  • Always pray to keep you both away from temptation, dahil nandyan lang sila everywhere.
  • We make sure to attend mass every sunday with our kids.
  • We pray together before sleeping, and we pray inside the car while on our way to work.


  • Suprises! I do love surprises, and do surprises for people. Even the simplest thing you bought for them, like food etc.
  • Dates! Take each other out padin, kahit sa mga fishballan or ihawihaw.
  • Flirt with each other.
  • “Make Love” is really important 💙
  • Never fight over money.

And… these are the few things I am continuously learning as a WIFE. I’m sure I will be updating this list every now and then, and I’m really excited and looking forward to greater adventures of being a WIFE.

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