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2 months from now, my child is turning a year old! Grabe how time steal moments in an instant! Same season last year, I was excited too because I am about to see him. My little Ninja is growing too fast and I cannot! Huhu. Anyway, I’ve been preparing since January and after all of the events I have coordinated and spearheaded, this is yet the most exciting! Ofcourse, it is my Son’s birthday.

Since January, I’ve been collecting random ideas from random people. Initially, my plan is a nautical theme. However, since it has been so mainstream and my sister in law suggested a better idea; Disney’s UP the movie! Very bagay! Around February to March we’ve been doing oculars to different venues, some of which are:

  1. Valle Verde 5
  2. Decagon
  3. Green Meadows Clubhouse
  4. Valle Verde 2
  5. Valle Verde 3
  6. Valle Verde 1
  7. Mirror Garden
  8. Albergus Function Area
  9. Le Blanc
  10. The newest events place in marikina which I forgot the name
  11. Water Nhymp
  12. Riverfront Clubhouse

There were a LOT of choices but there are so many random hindrances that would get in the way. We were suppose to choose, Albergus but we changed our mind because food is too pricey and we are really expecting a lot of visitors. Me and my husband was about to choose riverfront’s BUT… there is already an existing reservation on our date. Then we were about to choose Valle Verde 2 but we’re hesitant of the space. Until I was able to find a friend living in Valle Verde 1 who can sponsor us, yey!


We paid downpayment for both function 1 and 2. Not too pricey for a Php20,000 events place with 340 pax capacity (including additional charges).

Then our next goal was to find a caterer. We did not opt to choose the caterer we had for our wedding for some reason but were able to find a good one! It’s owned by one of my friends in Highschool, Sweet Onion Catering. They have a good service in terms of accomodating new clients plus food tasting was really good so we decided to get their service for Php 66,100.

For the event stylist and the overall party essentials, we chose from A Box of Fun, Daniela’s Party Needs and Miss M’s. After a series of comparison, we opted for Daniela’s Party Needs who was recommended by a friend in college. Here’s the package that we chose:

Had to make up my mind for this one, We choose again the service of our wedding photo and video coverage, CA Productions for Php15,000 with Same Day edit inclusion, pre-birthday photos and on the day coverage.

We’re almost complete! Only a few things that we need to add up and jack up for the event. 💙<<

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