Circa Rock and Roll Days

I was 15 when I learned to enjoy punk rock scenes and the like. It eventually flourished to reggae songs as I stepped in college year 2006 and got hooked to metal songs when I reached the age of 20. I enjoyed watching concerts, gigs and random music sessions just about anywhere and eventually decided to join my cousin’s band as a keybordist while I am studying.

Those where the days that everything was really about rock and roll. Every week jamming sessions, left the house at 7pm and comeback the next day 6am, alcohol and random vices. I was juggling everything while I am studying, but hey I still managed to be a Dean’s Lister with an average of 1.5. (Yabang). Well, that is what I want to teach my children, do everything you want, but never ever neglect education. Because that’s the only thing that people can’t get from you. Anyway, so that was my life before. Life before i decided to choose my now husband to be my “boyfriend”.

Sure, I DO miss that kind of life. The adrenaline I got while performing on stage. That “si idol” moment when people watching you does a high five after you performed. Sure I do miss the alcohol’s effect on me. Sure I do miss going home early in the morning. Sure, I miss everything about it. BUT NO, I WON’T GO BACK TO THAT TIME.

No I won’t and would never exchange the life I have now. This is by far, the most contented I’ve ever felt. I’m a wife now and no regrets. Yet. Haha. I’m a mother to two charming kids and who would not love and enjoy the kind of life I have now? 😍

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