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Mar 20, 2017 | MOMHOOD & PARENTING

I’ve been thinking of sharing my breastfeeding journey since the day I donated 16 bags of milk to an online friend.

When I was pregnant, I already had that mind setting of breastfeeding JK. Like any mom, I want also the best for him, and that for me is to feed him with breastmilk. Even the formula milk cans have its label of “BREASTMILK IS THE BEST FOR BABIES UP TO 2 YEARS OF AGE AND BEYOND” – that is why I really had this thinking of pursuing my breastfeeding journey. However it has always been a Mother’s choice whether to feed her baby with breastmilk or formula milk, nothing against formula feeding.

No one mentioned to me how hard breastfeeding would be like, it was really a struggle. My first time to breastfeed him was at the hospital, no pain yet. I said to myself “sus easy lang pala”. However, during JK’s first night at home, I had that very little amount of milk. He was crying and crying, so my husband had to buy a little can of Similac thinking that JK hasn’t had enough. I was a little hopeless that time because of the little amount of milk coming from my breast. So for the first five days, I did it alternatively, mix feeding, breastfeed then formula. However, because of my eagerness to exclusively breastfeed him I tried everything to stabilize my milk.

That photo below is my first attempt to pump, I think that is the colostrum or the yellowish and healthiest substance of a breastmilk.

I. CANNOT. FORGET. The REAAAL struggle come the following weeks after giving birth. Had to deal with Sore, swollen and cracked nipples.
I had so many breastfeeding besties to guide me on my journey, not to mention the community of breastfeeding pinays who have been so helpful with my queries.

Plus I am using a manual pump that time which makes it hard for me to collect milk.
After a week of direct latching, I was able to achieve this amount:

(Photo taken: Sept 23, 2016)
It’s slowly increasing. I had to stop mix feeding after a week and focus on breastfeed him exclusively. I just did the advices of other mommies from breastfeeding pinays, latch latch latch! No matter how loooong it will be, keep on latching directly.

After 5 days from the photo above, in 30mins I am already pumping 2oz:

I was so amazed that time… how our body produces such healthy substance. And I was really glad thay my milk is continuously increasing since my first day.

October came and finally received a package from Australia c/o my husband’s sister, Ate Abbi. AVENT’s ELECTRIC PUMP!!! Yes, you should invest in a gooooood pump to be able to store a lot of milk.

As I was about to go back to work, I am storing and pumping milk while JK is sleeping. During that time, I am almost producing 4oz of milk per pumping, Avent Pump is such a good choice 😁

There was even a time when my stashes of milk are already piling up in my office and home’s freezer that I have to donate them.

Now, JK’s already 6 months and he is still exclusively breastfeeding. I pump in the office thrice a day and producing 12-19oz plus the direct latch every morning and every night. I want to continue this exclusive BM feeding until 2 years old, and I am positive about it.

Below are the keypoints i’ve learned in breastfeeding. And some tips too:

  • On the first few days, very little amount of milk lang talaga. SO DON’T GIVE UP. Don’t stop feeding and feeding kahit feeling mo walang lumalabas, meron yun.
  • Masakit! Yes, sore nipples, cracked nipples and bleeding nipples. But you have no choice but to feed your baby because his/her saliva is the cure. TIISIN MO ANG SAKIT PARA SA ANAK MO.
  • Supplements can be helpful like, Fenugreek, Natalac etc.
  • Don’t stress yourself with the amount of milk because your body will produce how much your baby needs.
  • Eat enough, dahil nakakagutom talaga siya.
  • Think of happy thoughts while pumping.

There, I hope this would help me to inspire mothers to breastfeed 💗

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