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Feb 11, 2017 | DAILY DOSE

So Hello 2017. January passed swiftly like a lighting, and February is such a thief in the night. I’ve almost neglected this little online sanctuary. Everything’s quite doing well. Like what God has promised me, he will stand by me and will direct me to the right path.

Soooo much blessings last year, and I guess it’s doubling this year of the rooster. Let’s start of this January with a 14th month bonus, ha! February, it was announced to me that I’m getting “P”, guess that. Haha!

I am more than hopeful this year, and looking forward to a lot of things. Most specially my child’s first birthday and a house to live in. #Yehey2017

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Hi I'm Sky and it rhymes! I am a happy wife to a crazy husband. A breastfeeding, sometimes OA and devoted Mother of JK and JS. I used to be a full time corporate slave and now a full time Work-at-Home Momma who enjoys doing art and craft. I have this little dream to be an inspiration to the world through God's will which is why I pursued this mini online space. I am a hungry learner and always strive to challenge myself and do more. I am definitely a work-in-progress striving to master the beauty of being a Mama, being a wife and a better person. Welcome to my space 💙

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