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Sep 29, 2016 | MOMHOOD & PARENTING

JK’s Birth.

The Morning of September 16, 2016 is full of contractions and movement yet there’s no sign of cervix’s opening. No unexplainable pain yet however we decided for a C section delivery because of my cervix and spine condition that would be scheduled on Monday.

Right after a sumptuous meal with some close friends at Star Carrots here in Lilac I headed home and went to the bathroom to pee. Upon checking I already had stained my underwear with brownish blood. I texted my husband, informed him and we both contacted my OB. Few mins. later Dra. Ella replied with a “Naglalabor ka na, punta na kayo sa VT pero 7:30 pa kita maCS kasi magsimba pa ako”.

Well I guess I was really lucky enough with my OB, not just she’s good but I know how she’ll be guided by the Lord for the procedure being a devotee of Saint Padre Pio.

Around 6:30 my husband arrived home and fetch me to go straight to VT Maternity Hospital. On the other hand Dra. Ella was texting me and asking where we were because he instructed my husband to be there at VT by 5pm. Blame the traffic jam problem in this country. Anyway, as we head to the hospital I have nothing in mind but prayers and excitement.

I was admitted at around 7pm, I am continuously praying and asking for his guidance since my case is a bit special from the usual C section delivery because I had a history of Pott’s Disease.

Around 7:30pm when I entered the delivery room. I was immediately sedated. This was actually the last moment I can recall. . . Felt dizzy, sleepy, and a bit scared. I was even asking the anesthesiologist “Ganto po ba talaga?”. My last conscious moment I remembered was “Lord bahala na po kayo”.

Instead of the usual spine anesthesia, the team induced to me an Oral General Anesthesia. Now, this is where the “special case” comes in. My OB had to take JK out of my belly before the anesthesia reaches him. In not less than 5mins, little JK was out with conscious 🙏🏻 Thank God for the superb team, kudos to Dra. Ella Gaspar, Dra. Joy Rivera and the rest of them 💙

At around 11:00pm at the recovery room I woke up feeling heavy and still groggy, the first thing I said was “ASAN ANG BABY KO?”. The Nurse replied that they will show me the little one in a few mins., at around 11:30pm I was then released from the recovery room and they showed me the MOST precious thing… My Baby JK 💙

Despite the pain I am in I can vividly recall how I am so much filled with Love, Happiness and everything Nice the moment I saw my child. Praise the one above for this wonderful blessing. Now my Mom Journey awaits so many amazing and magical moments with my son.


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