Every Pregnancy is Unique


True enough, one cannot compare one pregnancy from the other, I think it’s individual differences. In fact, your 1 st child’s pregnancy symptoms can be different from your 2nd or 3rd child. I am going 37 weeks now and looking back from day 1 of learning my pregnancy is a loooong journey I would always have in my heart. It is never easy, but it will always be a happy rollercoaster ride that can’t be replaced with anything.


The little one is almost a month when I learned he was in my womb. Upon seeing the two red lines, I was drowning with amazement, excitement and ofcourse love. He was a blessing!

Changes I could recall during my first trimester:

  • High Body Temperature
  • I remember feeling sick during the first few weeks of January.
  • Fatigue
  • Moody and Irritable with my Husband during the first month which is not normal
  • Cramping on the lower abdomen during the second month
  • My wisdom tooth suddenly outburst on my third month
  • Food Cravings Max Level (Sinampalukang manok and all masabaw na ulam which I dont enjoy before)
  • Constant visit to the bathroom
  • Sensitive breast

Felt lucky that I did not experience diziness and vomitting on my first trimester.

The photo above was during my third month. He was a tiny fat bubble yet I felt so much happiness and love upon seeing him. Not to mention it was the first time I am hearing his heartbeat, I could not contain the feeling! It felt like a music to my ears!

Come my second trimester, I am expecting this time that I will be experiencing vomitting… but NO, there are random symptoms I can’t imagine I was able to manage. This is also the time when I can feel there is something “really” inside of me and he is starting to show through the little bumpy in my tummy.

Changes during the second trimester:

  • Little Bump
  • Gums started to swell (Back Story: Sleepless nights because the pain is almost killing you and you cant do anything because you’re not allowed to drink any meds)
  • Random Gum Problems arises so I can’t eat well
  • Feeling the first kick!
  • Low appetite however Food Cravings still persist (The love for Red Egg/Maalat na itlog)
  • Discharge increases
  • Areola gets bigger

I was on my 5th month during that ultrasound above and confirmed that the little ninja is indeed a Baby Brother to Kuya Arkin. He’s been telling me that he wanted a baby brother and that he’s going to name him “Baby Kulot”.


I can say that this is the HARDEST part of my pregnancy. Being a tiny individual as I am, the manifestation of my previous illness; pott’s disease makes it hard for me to adapt with back pain specially on my damaged spine. None of them would understand because none of them experienced pott’s.

Third Trimester changes:

  • Yellow Discharge that I had to undergo papsmear
  • Toooo much back pain
  • Nose getting bigger
  • Swelling and Cramping of my right hand
  • Sleeping in one side
  • Shortness of breathing
  • Sleepless nights
  • Diagnosed with UTI
  • Continuous Random food craving; Jollibee Sundae, Mango Juice and the like.
  • Breast has moist
  • The sumpa of all time, darkened underarms, neck and nape!

The photos above simply defined LOVE. Proud to say that he is our product of love, my product of love and everything in between. I can’t fathom the feeling, I am both laughing and crying as I see him flashing his smile.

The beautiful journey I had for the last 9months would be all worth it once this little one is out in the world. See you the soonest my Little Ninja,  JK will venture the world💙<<<<<<

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