Pott’s Disease: My faith’s foundation

Aug 5, 2016 | DAILY DOSE

I was 12 years old, young and hungry for adventures, when I was diagnosed with Pott’s Disease. I could vividly recall how my health started to deteriorate, from an energetic life to something I never thought would happen to me. I lost my appetite, suddenly my shoulders were rising, muscle spasm, and all those sharp pain in my spine. I had to undergo one test from another, consulting one doctor from another doctor, shifting hospitals and all… not to mention the spiritistas and all other creatures just to know what’s almost killing me. I am almost losing hope. Imagine a 12 yr old who can’t even run, who can’t breath when in a bumpy road because pain is almost killing me, and most of – imagine how I can’t lift my self from bed, I needed my father to carry me; or when he’s not around, I need to drag myself at the edges to be able to stand.

Those were the darkest days, I felt that my life was suddenly robbed. I was in pain and emotionally unstable, but I know I should never ever question the one above. Along with my family, we continuously believed in his power, praying for his miracle and healing.

Through him, I was blessed to have my parents being capable of bringing me to one hospital to another, we met Dr. Regalado of Medical City. He advised my parents to bring me to Makati Med because I had to undergo an MRI test. Again, it was on of the scariest scenes I can recall when I had to enter a small circle like a cave and be there for about an hour and a half. It was dreadful. But I had no choice.

Results showed that I had yeah, Pott’s Disease. Also known as Tuberculosis of the Spine where in it occurs outside the lungs whereby disease is seen in the vertebrae. It can affect several tissues outside of the lungs including the spine. In layman’s term; bone eats bone, rotten bones. My affected spine is the Thoracic, which is common. I was advised to take steroids for almost 6 months and to undergo several therapies wherein they need to electrize  my back. In God’s perfect plotting, I was cured. Finally regained my appetite, no more rising shoulders, I can finally run again and do things normally. That’s how the one above touched my life; from a hopeless situation to a miracle. Praise thee!

Now that I am 8 months pregnant, the usual pregnant backpain is doubled. I am having a hard time whether in a sitting, standing or lying position. The manifestation of the disease makes my back get tired easily. I often feel sharp pain at the infected part. I know how fragile my bones are, but then again, nothing is impossible with him; praying and hoping for a safe and normal delivery.

The illustration below shows what would happen to me if I was not cured.

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